Gateway to the Texas Renaissance Festival

Road Repair Status

September 9, 2021

Road Repair Status

  1. Cold Patch temporary repairs made to Inwood Drive and Renfaire Drive by Mayor’s (Blue hatch)
  2. Concrete low water crossing replacement complete at Wally Lane. New low water crossing on Greenway framed, will pour this (Red)
  3. Right-of-way clearing going on now at Largent/ Creekbend/ (Yellow)
  4. Iron ore base material will be laid 9/10 on Largent/ Creekbend/ Yellow)
  5. Renfaire drive segments marked, will be cut out and replaced at the same time as CDBG County doing work before TRF begins.
  6. Awaiting estimates for asphalt work on Inwood and Greenway, will be on next
  7. Sutton, Wildwood, Woodway to be repaired in 21-22 CDBG

Last modified: September 9, 2021

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