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City Ordinances

The City of Todd Mission has several city ordinances, many of which are several pages long.If you would like any information on these ordinances please print the Open Records Request Form and complete it. You can return the form by email, mail, or in person.

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City of Todd Mission
21718 FM 1774
Todd Mission, TX. 77363-7722


The City of Todd Mission Ordinances are as follows:

Street Merchants Ordinance 2012-002

Ticket Scalping Ordinance 2012-001

Sign Ordinance 2014-001 (Revised 2014)

Municipal Court Ordinance 2003-001

Emergency Management Ordinance 2001-121

Dumping of Houses Ordinance #25

Resolution: Permits to Drill Water Wells

Water Well Ordinance #0102

Septic System Ordinance #87 & #0103

Logging Permit Ordinance #14

Subdivision Permit Ordinance 1995-0101

Business License Ordinance #0105 (Revised 2011)

Permit to Burn Ordinance #098

Regulating Subdivision & Platting of Land within the City of Todd Mission & ETJ Ordinance #1

International Residential Code 2018-002

Ordinance Adopting Building and Rehabilitation Codes 2018-004

Junked Vehicle Ordinance 2019-002

Dog Ordinance 2019-003

Mobile Home and Manufactured Home 2019-004

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