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Todd Mission Volunteer Fire Department is justifiably proud to be serving the citizens of Grimes County. TMVFD is an active, all volunteer fire department located in the Southern end of Grimes County that covers 30 square miles with approximately 6,000 people. TMVFD is a family oriented department that donates countless hours to best serve the community.  Our trainings are every Wednesday at 7 pm at the station.  We encourage the public to attend, participate or observe in order to support your local firefighters.


Station Address:

Todd Mission Volunteer Fire Department
21718 FM 1774
Todd Mission, Texas 77363
Station Phone Number: 936-894-1199

For Emergencies Call 911.

NON-EMERGENCY:  (936) 873-2151 – Grimes County Sheriff’s Office


Contact Person and Information for the Department:


Tom Godfrey-713-927-5466



Todd Mission Volunteer Fire Department is located in the South end of Grimes County.

North end of district – Foxfire off FM 1774

East end of district – Crown Ranch subdivision in Grimes County where we share an automatic aid agreement with Magnolia Fire Department and a mutual aid agreement with Montgomery Fire Department for servicing this area.

South end of district – South End Grimes County/ Waller County Line

West end of district – North Hill Road and County Road 304

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As of September 30,2020 , TMVFD has six apparatus.

Engine 450 – 2000 E – One Engine, 750 gallons, with 1250 gpm pump.

Engine 449 – 1995 KME Freight-liner Engine, 1,000 gallons, with 1250 gpm pump.

Engine 448 – 1985 Ford Engine, 500 gallons, with 750 gpm pump.

Booster 447 – 2011 F 550 Booster, 400 gallons, with 150 gpm pump.

Booster 446 – 1999 Chevy Brush Truck, 300 gallons, with 150 gpm pump.

        Utility 440    –   2007 Ford Expedition





Active Firefighters:

As of September 30 , 2020,  TMVFD has 25 active Firefighters on the department who are taken care of on calls by our wonderful REHAB team. These firefighters currently service 30 square miles and approximately 6,000 people.


Positions available as a firefighter:

Fire ground operations exceed more than just fighting the fire itself.  There are a lot of key positions that when put together are what makes the fire ground operations successful in extinguishing the fire.

Engine Operator:

For insurance purposes, you must be at least 21 years of age to drive any of the apparatus.  An engine operator plays an extremely vital role on the fire ground, and TMVFD will always be accepting personnel interested in becoming Engine Operators.  This individual will not only get the apparatus to the incident safely, but also operates the pump to ensure the personnel on the nozzle never lose water.  If you do not hold a Class B license to drive the larger engines, we will help assist you in getting your Class B Exempt license. This position is excellent for those who are mechanically inclined, and may not desire to physically fight the fire by means on being on the end of the nozzle.  This is an extremely valuable position in the department, and we will help train you to ensure you’re comfortable with the tasks that this position entails. Engine Operators may also be tasked with performing water shuttle operations.


This position is self-explanatory. A nozzleman is a firefighter capable of fighting fire by means of handlines. Traditionally, a nozzleman will be your firefighter at the end of the hose with the nozzle.  As an all-volunteer department, a nozzleman at TMVFD will be trained to more than just how and where to apply water correctly to each type of fire, but will also be trained to act as a team when it comes to hose load deployments and handline fire ground operations.


It is often overlooked that firefighters do much more than fight fire.  Most individuals on the department will be trained to do as many positions as possible and desirable. Rescue includes that of: vehicle extrication, low angle rescue, high angle rescue, confined space rescue, water rescues, animal rescues, structural collapse and fire rescues.   Fortunately for us, TEEX is located in College Station and is a very valuable educational resource for us on these tasks and many more. Firefighters interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in these fields can be sent by the department to TEEX for these classes and many more! TMVFD encourages you to train hard and will work with you on getting you the education you desire to be able to perform the tasks that you desire and are best suited for you.

Wildland Firefighter:

Considering our terrain, it becomes very evident why this position is so important.  A wildland firefighter is a position for those who are interested in fighting grass fires, brush fires, and woods fires.  The Texas Forestry Service has a great class on Wildland Firefighting that the department would be honored to send you to!  In this class, not only will you learn about how to safety fight wildfires, but you will also learn how weather, terrain, and other conditions can affect what type of operations you would be doing. At TMVFD, we do trainings on wildland fires, but this is a class the department would recommend to anyone with the desire to fight wildfires.  No matter how much training you’ve had, you will learn something from it!


This is one of the most important positions in the department.  While the volunteer firefighters focus on serving the community, this position focuses on serving the firefighters. A REHAB member does not actively fight fire, but instead is responsible for helping take care of the firefighters on extended scenes.  This position includes distributing water, and food to firefighters on scenes.  Training for anyone interested in this position includes CPR, basic life safety, and blood borne pathogen training.  If you are interested in this position but do not have any of the previously mentioned training, the department will help you in acquiring this training.  This training is to help you in better assisting firefighters on scene.

Fire Prevention and Auxiliary:

TMVFD desires to help educate the general public is fire safety.  This includes all ages.  This position is desirable for those who are fascinated by fire science and fire safety.  Obtaining the knowledge of fire behavior and fire science, we can better pass along this information to the general public in order to help bring about a fire safe community.  In addition to educating the public as fire prevention, an auxiliary member of the department is a member of the department who helps with fundraising efforts for the department as well as general support for the department.

Membership in the Department:

There are two types of memberships in the Department: Active and Associate

Active member: “Any resident (who owns land, works or lives in) of Grimes County, Texas or its surrounding counties, who has attained the age of 18 years of age (or a minor who has parental release in writing) who is in good physical condition, may apply for membership in the Department.”

Associate member: “All members of the Department are considered Associate members if they do not serve as active firefighters, but will serve the Department in any other manner agreed on by the Board of Directors.”

Junior Positions:

The age for our junior firefighters begins at age 16. This position is to explore what firefighters do and gain hands on experience before reaching the age of 18 when one can actively start fighting fires.

Board of Directors:

“The Board of Directors is a functional body of the Department consisting of five Associate members, and five active firefighters.  The function of the Board of Directors is to manage the affairs and finances of the Department.”

By our bylaws, the “Board of Directors shall have five associate members, and five active firefighters who will each receive a vote on affairs brought before and managed by the Board of Directors.”



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